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 | $250 1hr



My patients don’t just leave this consultation with a significant reduction in symptoms and the tools to correct their body, they leave with systems to control their health and movement for life. Complete resolution after only one consultation is common because the process is so thorough. 


This consultation is for you if:

  • You are suffering with a chronic injury 

  • You have seen multiple practitioners but aren’t getting better

  • You have been given extreme diagnoses like “you will never run again” or “don’t lift anything over 5kg”

  • You want to resolve your chronic injuries that can be all consuming

  • You have an MRI/ CT scan diagnosis that is now limiting your quality of life


One of my areas of clinical expertise is managing complex, chronic injuries. It just so happened that in clinical practice I seemed to get patients that had been to every Specialist, Chiro, Osteo and Physio, yet they still weren’t getting a result. I would manage them with what I thought was a very pragmatic, common sense approach and these patients would get better. 

So why weren’t these patients getting a result in the first place?

  • A lack of assessment detail to identify the root cause

  • Not looking at the person holistically

  • Dosage of exercise was not efficient

I could see a trend, and the trend was a lack of investigation outside of expensive medical imaging. No one actually took the time to assess these patients thoroughly enough to find the weakest link in the chain or provide rehab at a stimulus sufficient enough to create a change. Patients were often given restrictive advice like “stop going to the gym” and provided a blanket treatment approach that didn’t resolve their individual issues. The exercises prescribed were generic and not sufficient to change physiology

So, what do I do differently? 

I take the time to asses every system thoroughly, allowing me to identify the weakest link. I then provide rehab specific to the patient in front of me, at a dose sufficient enough to actually change physiology. We then track and adjust accordingly. Every system in the body is integrated and knowing how to find the weakest system is key to successful rehab.  For the most part, patients with complex, chronic injuries have particular things in common, these are:

  • A sensitised nervous system – meaning the threshold to pain is lower

  • A de-conditioned soft tissue system – meaning the threshold to pain and re-injury is lower

  • A chronic state of stress – meaning they are in a constant state of breakdown, not repair

  • Lack of nutrition – meaning they don’t have the building blocks for repair

  • Lack of stimulus – the rehab exercises and dose aren’t sufficient to actually create a change

  • Nothing specific with rehab – Exercise needs to be specific to the desired outcome

  • Fear – there is ALWAYS a fear of pain and movement, which drives the condition

It all starts with a thorough assessment. That’s exactly what we do in this Initial Consultation to find the root cause of your pain. Putting all this together allows me to identify the weakest links limiting your recovery. I then create a structured plan for you moving forward so you can regain your body.

We dive deep on the four core elements: 

  • Body mechanics & posture 

  • Nutrition & digestion 

  • Nervous system 

  • Exercise & movement 






 | $300 75 min 

With a multi-discipline approach, I help you achieve a state of optimal health and fitness. This consultation is a detailed examination of you across the four elements, delving into body mechanics & posture, nutrition & digestion, nervous system and exercise & movement. This process is unprecedented, and is why we achieve a result with every client whether it be fat loss, resolving a health concern or just optimising health.

The initial consultation is so I get to know you, your body and your goals in detail. We then build a customised personal coaching plan moving forward.


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| $300 1hr 



Your posture not only effects the muscles, joints and soft tissues, it also impacts the function of your organs, breathing, psychology and digestion. A holistic look at your posture to identify imbalances and bring you back to a state of optimal function

This service is for you if:

  • You are concerned about your posture 

  • You want to prevent injury

  • You suffer from pain or bodily discomfort

  • You have chronic unresolved injuries

  • You want to optimise your health  

Poor postures can become problematic when repeated over time, this is because they lead to:

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Joint stress

  • Poor movement habits

  • Pain and stress

  • Alterations in organ position 

  • Nervous system alterations 

  • Digestive issues 

In this consultation I assess your body mechanics and posture, myofascial balance and joint movement to identify the key abnormalities that are affecting your wellbeing. I then provide you with a corrective plan to make feel and look in optimal health. 



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