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My formal education began with a Bachelor of Exercise Science followed by a Masters in Exercise Physiology, with Distinction. I then worked clinically as an Exercise Physiologist for 3 years before going back to University to complete my Masters in Physiotherapy, graduating with distinction and wining the Musculoskeletal Prize for excellence in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. 


I am introverted by nature, so throughout my time at university I read ferociously on a wide range of topics from biomechanics and movement sciences, nutrition practices, mitochondrial function, ageing science, fascia and rehabilitation. I was fascinated with understanding the mechanisms of how systems worked, integrated together and how I could apply this practically in the clinic to benefit my patients. 


Today I have treated and worked with literally thousands of clients across a diverse range of presentations. I now practice as a Private health and performance consultant for Chief Executives, Executives Teams, Politicians, Hollywood Actors and members of Australia’s top 10 rich list. 

With academic study across two scientific disciplines blended with my mechanistic curiosity, I developed a philosophy where I do not look at clients though the often dogmatic lens of one profession. I look at the whole individual in front of me and treat them holistically. Drawing on a decade of experience as a clinician, reading cutting edge science and an appreciation for alternative therapies has allowed me to become very good at identifying my client’s key issues, and developing holistic, pragmatic strategies for them. 


SOCIAL | @bodyclinicsydney

ADDRESS | 259 George street, Sydney CBD 

PHONE | 0410148296


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