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Our patients leave these consultations with the tools and systems needed not only for resolution of their pain and injury, but also the underlying movement, posture and lifestyle habits that cause the dysfunction in the first place. We perform a comprehensive assessment and develop a treatment plan for you. We treat all musculoskeletal and sports injuries as well as post operative recovery.

The Body Clinic  —  

This consultation is for you if:

  • You are suffering with a chronic injury

  • You want to maximise recovery and health after an acute injury

  • You want to resolve your chronic niggles that can impair quality of life

  • You have an MRI/CT Scan diagnosis that is now limiting your quality of life

What to Expect

The initial consultations are 1 hour long. We perform a comprehensive assessment of your current injury and past medical history followed by a thorough physical examination. We then discuss collaboratively the approaches to treatment and depending on the complexity of the presentation, we aim to provide treatment and a comprehensive management plan in this consultation

Follow up consultations can be 30 minutes ,45minutes  or 60minutes. In these consultations we will be providing treatment and working through the rehabilitation plan with you.


Initial consultation: $300/1hr

Follow up consultations:

  • 30 min $150

  • 45 min $225

  • 60 min $300

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